Online Certificates in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health

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See what some of our students have said about our online programs and courses!

"The courses were very comprehensive and provided me with the knowledge that I need to enter the field of personal training for older adults."  Roland H.  Maryland

“Taking these courses are a great way to further your education and go into a new field of employment. I enjoyed the fact that I can take the courses online. Because I work  it makes getting an education easy to do on my time.”  Perry M.  Florida

“I love these on-line courses. It allows me to be flexible with my time and the pace of the course is perfect. I recommend on-line courses to anyone who has the desire to continue to learn and improve themselves”. Carrie P.  California

“Taking the online fitness course is one of the most beneficial career decisions I have made.  The instruction is 'top-notch' and the instructors take a personal interest in you in helping you achieve success.”  Gina B.  North Carolina

“I absolutely loved the Weight Management class. The course content was informative and up to date and the teacher is an expert in this field. You also get quick responses to all your questions and can manage it even with a fulltime work schedule. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge of Nutrition and Weight Management”. Lisa G. California

“The course exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the up-to-date academic references, broad spectrum of topics, ideas from the instructor's personal life on how to improve diet. Surprisingly I learned more online than I had expected. The instructor calls attention to specific students' work and by the middle of the course the personalities come out. The instructor's passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter are exuded in the lectures, slides, and emails. I need flexibility with my schedule so this is perfect. The lecture and slide combo provides the touch and feel of a class and the slides contain references if I want to dig deeper. Excellent!” Clare N. Louisiana

“This course has been fun and invaluable for me and I look forward to learning more! I appreciated Instructor quality as well as being enthusiastic, up-to-date, pertinent, and also personally interested in encouraging our success. Also equally, if not more important, was that lesson material presented is based in fact and valid research.” Judy A. California

“I highly recommend the advanced personal training courses to anyone with ambitions of pursuing a career in fitness or athletics. The certification program has provided me with a wealth of information relating to the fitness and nutrition industry. It will be a vital asset to me as I further advance in my career.” Brandon B. Florida

“Exercise Physiology was a challenging and informative class that opened the door to a new world, a new career direction for me. I was fascinated by the material, enjoyed the book, and found the instructor to be knowledgeable and supportive”. Julie W. Rhode Island

“This program has been great and convenient. And really is gratifying that I can accomplish a class in 6 weeks!” Olga C. California

“The online courses provided me with the information and skills needed to advance my career.” Jeff H. Texas

This was my first time taking online courses with this university and I was very pleased with the classes and the price. I am in the Navy and have very little free time for school. I found these courses to be very straightforward and easy to keep up with. Leah A. Navy

This course was extremely interesting and the course content was well set up. The instructor was was very informed and enthusiastic about the course content and the program in general. I look forward to what the rest of the program has to offer. Tom D.  New Jersey

The Exercise Science I: Kinesiology class was a great start to my new career in the fitness industry. The registration was easy and the instructor was very involved answering any and all questions I had. I look forward to continuing with the certification program! Meaghan H.  Rhode Island